The Bible is a deep, inexhaustible well of comfort, guidance, and truth. It is not just historic, but is also a book of salvation. This DVD examines several Old Testament stories for spiritual applications to the Gospel and the character of God. This presentation also examines the manifestations of the Antichrist depicted in the Bible and in pagan cults, specifically Mithraism. Also outlined is the fall of Jerusalem and the tumultuous years of the early Church as it was assaulted by Mithraic and Gnostic influence. We examine in detail the early Church’s change of the Sabbath to Sunday and other doctrinal deviations.
Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2008
Series Name Rekindling the Reformation
Time Length 92 min

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Veith - 940 : Rekindling the Reformation: The Typology Of Deliverance (DVD)

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This DVD is part of the series:

Veith - 930 : Rekindling the Reformation (11 DVD set)
Veith - 930 : Rekindling the Reformation (11 DVD set)

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