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LLM - The Home Hypnotist (DVD)

Discover how the entertainment industry exposes itself in this multimedia presentation by Little Lig..


LLM - Battlefield Hollywood - False System of Worship (DVD)

If the war in heaven began over worship and the last day deception will be about worship, then how i..


LLM - Hollywood’s Gnostic Gospel (DVD)

Hollywood has long used Bible stories as themes in movies, but are they telling the same inverted tr..


LLT Productions - El Israel de los Alpes - Spanish (3 part DVD)

Israel of the Alps - a documentary by LLT Productions traces the almost-forgotten history of the Wal..


Illustra Media - The Privileged Planet (DVD)

In this documentary exploring the scientific evidence for intelligent design and purpose in the univ..


Illustra Media - Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD)

In 1859, Charles Darwin published,"On the Origin of Species."He argued that all of life on earth was..


Gateway Films - Martin Luther (DVD)

Martin Luther is a story for everyone interested in the powerful forces that shape our world. The f..


Gateway Films - The Radicals (DVD)

The Sattlers join a group called the Anabaptists and together challenge the 1000-year control of the..


Gateway Films - Treasure Map (DVD)

Edward White Eyes, a troubled Cherokee boy, encounters an unfriendly welcome when he is forced to bu..


Gateway Films - The Printing (DVD)

When Christian principles become socially unacceptable and society moves to repress them, what will ..


Gateway Films - Our Fascinating Universe (DVD)

Take off into outer space, a journey into unknown worlds of vast dimensions and fascinating beauty, ..


Gateway Films - Scientology: The Science of Truth or the Art of Deception? (DVD)

What is the truth about Scientology? Find out in this compelling documentary that takes you through ..


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