Special Project: Enmity Documentary

New Documentary

One of our current project is a new documentary series based on the original classic Total Onslaught. This series is 13 years old and the 36 lectures are almost 2 hours long. Our new documentary series, Enmity, will include improved graphics, updated content, guest speakers and engaging narration and will present the same powerful, relevant message as Total Onslaught.

We are excited to be working on a re-designed series that will better tell younger busy professionals about the great controversy between Christ and Satan and how this controversy is affecting their lives and world events. It is our fervent desire to reach a younger non-Adventist audience with this important message, so that a new generation can hear the good news of Christ's soon return.

We invite you to become partners with us in completing this series. Your prayers and generous donations will help us finish this project. We solicit your prayers for God's hand to be over this project, and thank you for your financial support

If you want to donate to this special project, please make a note in the designation box with your donation allocation. 

To order the 1st DVD of the Enmity documentary series,click here.