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Pel - 830: For Such a Time as This (11 DVD Set)

Join international speaker Daniel Pel as he explores today's application of Biblical prophecy. What ..


Pel 1505: The Shaping Factor (3 DVD Set)

Three-part series by Daniel Pel. Pel addresses a very important question of what it means to be the ..


Pel 1510: The Unhindered Gospel (3 DVD Set)

What hinders you from proclaiming the kingdom of God? Discover how you can enter the story of Acts ..


Peppers - 1900: God’s Answer to Modern Atheism (5 DVD Set)

Peppers provides ways in which we can provide intelligent and thoughtful answers to complex question..


Peppers - 1910: The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days (3 DVD Set)

3 Part series The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days


Ritsema 400: Media on the Brain (6 DVD Set)

We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationshi..


Ritsema - 2314: Faith Over Flesh (2 DVD Set)

Our addiction to pornography and self abuse doesn’t end in the mind, it affects our bodies, those ar..


Ritsema - 2320: Schooled (2 DVD Set)

Learn about the history of the American educational system and why we have our current school system..


Ritsema - 2330: Undoctrinated (4 DVD Set)

How can we Undoctrinate our children from the indoctrination of our worldly public schooling system?


Ritsema - 2335: Raising the Remnant (4 DVD Set)

How can we better prepare the last day generation??


Shahbaz 550: The Prophetic Picture (7 DVD Set)

The Prophetic Picture takes the viewer on a journey to the East, discussing the role of the Arabs in..


Sizemore 600: For Every Truth (10 DVD Set)

Journey through the Old and New Testament with this 10-DVD series from Phillip Sizemore.


Sizemore - 620: No Excuses (6 DVD Set)

Does it seem like the Lord has long delayed His return? Speaker/evangelist Phillip Sizemore delves i..


Sizemore - 630: A Reason to Believe (7 DVD Set)

Phillip Sizemore explores Bible prophecy and examines core Bible doctrines like the identity of the ..


Skeete 850 - Living His Life (6 DVD Set)

When God created humans, he created them in His own image and set out a standard of righteousness th..


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