There are many alternative theologies that are growing popular. Emerging churches are becoming more and more prominent. Over time, the people of God have slowly been introduced to shades of grey, leaving confusion in its wake.


These shades of grey include eastern philosophies, psychology, new ways to pray, meditation, lectio divina, and much more. Books that seem innocent and suitable for Christian growth are being promoted for Christians to read, but they lead down dangerous paths. Janet Neumann presents many of these books that are currently being promoted and circulated that contain divisive errors. Find out who the authors and books are that promote spiritual formation and deceptive philosophies.

The many controversial issues in these books of the new mindset are forcing Christ’s followers to make a choice. Do we follow the professors, scientists, and even religious leaders and authors? Or do we follow the Scriptures? In this lecture with Janet Neumann we will be reminded to stray not into shades of grey but to remain steadfast in our journey with Christ!

Author Neumann, Janet
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2016
Series Name --None--
Time Length 70 minutes
Topic Christian Life
Topic Current Events
Topic Spiritual Formation

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Neumann - 662: Shades of Grey (DVD)

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This DVD is part of the series:

989 - Reformation Summit
989 - Reformation Summit

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