We are truly nearing the end of time. Recent documents have shown Protestants apologizing for the Reformation, Lutherans growing closer to Catholicism and compromising on their beliefs, and the focus is on tradition over Scripture. We have moved from Bible-based truth to ecumenism, and Rome is growing more powerful every day. Many people do not realize what is going on. But we must see and understand the connections and patterns happening around the world. In this final lecture in Pastor Walter Veith’s series From Crete to Malta, we will look at the USA as the image of the beast to more fully understand where we stand in the stream of time. This is a pivotal time in history, and though things may seem like they’re changing and progressing, Rome has actually not changed its stance on any of its teachings. If anything is not aligned with the Holy Bible, then it is not from God, so let’s get back to the Reformation and not forget the protest that makes us Protestants! (95 minutes)
Author Veith, Walter
Language English
Release Date 2015
Series Name From Crete to Malta
Time Length 95 minutes
Video Quality 1080p MP4
Video Size 5.49GB

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Veith - 245: From Crete to Malta Part 5 (MP4)

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