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Veith - 251: Creation Restored (MP4)

Evolution and Creation are two theories that have battling each other for ages. Let’s look at creati..


Veith - 252: Prophecy, Protestants, and the Papacy (MP4)

What are the twin towers of the Reformation and how can we get back to our roots?


Veith - 253: Twisting the Ten Commandments (MP4)

Does God’s law still matter and do we still need to follow it?


Veith - 254: Two Allies - The Beast and its Image (MP4)

Do you know what Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 means for us today?


Veith - 255: Charismatic Renewal (MP4)

Unity sounds great in theory, but is it really as simple and desirable as it seems?


Veith - 256: The Coming Kingdom (MP4)

Do we know the signs of the times and are we ready for all the things that must happen before Christ..


Veith - 257: History’s Endgame (MP4)

What is history’s coming climax and are we Biblically firm on what will happen?


Veith - 258: The Final Elijah (MP4)

Matthew 17:11 says, And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore..


Veith - 261: Verily My Sabbaths (MP4)

We cannot pick and choose the commandments that we want to keep just because they are easy. We must ..


Veith - 262: Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 1 (MP4)

What does righteousness by faith involve, and can we separate the law from faith?


Veith - 263: Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 2 (MP4)

God sent His one and only beloved Son to die for us, and still many believers are reducing Jesus to ..


Veith - 264: Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 3 (MP4)

The world is moving toward religious unity. Though there are certainly similarities between religion..


Veith - 265: A Double Portion (MP4)

Can we receive more spirituality than we already have? Watch as Professor Veith explores 2 Kings and..


Veith - 266: Without Me You Can Do Nothing (MP4)

What is the ultimate defence against living amongst the spiritually dead? Listen to this powerful vi..


Veith - 267: The Herodian Mind Part 1 (MP4)

How often do we ignore God’s laws in favour of earthly rules and beliefs? We always find justificati..


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