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Veith - 268: The Herodian Mind Part 2 (MP4)

Since we cannot see God, we often feel compelled to grow closer to earthly authority figures. Someti..


Veith - 269: I Think Therefore He Is (MP4)

The famous philosophical phrase “I think, therefore I am” implies that our own logic and reasoning h..


Veith - 921: Rise and Shine (MP4)

If we have all the right answers to tough questions, why are there still unbelievers? What can we do..


Veith - 922: Without Spot or Wrinkle (MP4)

How can we present ourselves to our Lord without spot or wrinkle? Even in all our sin, can we still ..


Veith - 923: Remember (MP4)

Why do we so easily forget the commandments of the Bible? Though the word “remember” occurs many tim..


Veith - 924: Speak to the Rock (MP4)

What does it mean to “speak to the Rock”? In this DVD, Walter shows many examples of people speaking..


Veith - 925: Early Advent Hope and Eternal Life (MP4)

How can we show Hope, Faith, and Love to others? Can we automatically get eternal life once we have ..


Veith - 926: The Commandments and the Faith of Jesus (MP4)

What is the key difference between the faith IN Jesus and the faith OF Jesus?


Veith - 927: The Big Five (MP4)

What are the real big five questions that everyone asks? See how God is an answer to them all.


Jenkins & Veith - 951: Interview - Life Experiences (MP4)

Watch this enlightening interview and be encouraged by one man's walk with God.


Jenkins & Veith - 952 : Interview - Heart to Heart (MP4)

In Bruce Jenkins' second interview with Professor Walter Veith, Bruce follows up on some troubling q..


Jenkins & Veith - 953: Interview - A Healthy Lifestyle (MP4)

What's so bad about the traditional American breakfast? How much protein does my body actually need?..


Veith - 901 : From Evolutionist to Creationist: Personal Testimony (MP4)

Discover the marvelous way God worked in a stubborn evolutionist to make him a powerful preacher, lo..


Veith - 902 - Charisma of the Spirit (MP4)

Are modern movings of the Spirit genuine or spurious? Are speaking in tongues and slaying the Spirit..


Veith - 903: 1844 Sermon (MP4)

In 1844, a group of believers turned to the word of God and rediscovered the great truths and pillar..


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