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Veith - 904: Faith Sermon (MP4)

What is the difference between faith and experiential religion? How is faith put into practice? Is i..


Veith - 905: Army of the Lord (MP4)

Learn the importance and joy of joining the Lord’s army, and be inspired to mine the depths of Scrip..


Veith - 906: Come Up Higher (MP4)

Is the law still valid? How much of it do we need to keep? Examine Scripture as you discover the fou..


Veith - 907: Consuming Fire (MP4)

What is our duty as Seventh-day Adventist Christians? We are a people living in the end times, calle..


Veith - 971: The Cornerstone of Protestantism / Darkness Before Dawn (MP4)

Why is a clear understanding of justification by faith so vital to the Christian walk?


Veith - 972: The Atonement / Darkness Before Dawn (MP4)

What is the atonement? and why is a correct understanding of it so important for our Christian walk?..


Veith - 973: Conflict to Communion / Darkness Before Dawn (MP4)

Can truth be compromised on the altar of peace?


Veith - 974: Appeal to the Protestant Brethren / Darkness Before Dawn (MP4)

Should unity between Catholics and Protestants be chosen over Biblical doctrines?


Veith - 975: The Meaning of Rest / Darkness Before Dawn (MP4)

Does it really matter to God which day we keep as a Sabbath?


Veith - 7739: I Want My Church Back (MP4)

We are not the same church that was originally founded with Adventism. Things have changed, but can ..


Bentley - 165: How to Think About Science in the Age of Evolution Part 1 (MP4)

Science is sometimes considered the pinnacle of human knowledge and understanding. But there are man..


Bentley - 166: How to Think About Science in the Age of Evolution Part 2 (MP4)

Continuing from part 1 of How to Think about Science in the Age of Evolution, discover what the thir..


Bentley - 141: Science is Just about Facts, Religion is Just About Faith (MP4)

Part one of this series delves into historical data proving the truth of the Bible. Thomas Bentley d..


Bentley - 142: Only Evolution Fits the Data (MP4)

This video looks at the difference between data and the interpretation of data. It exposes the real ..


Bentley - 143: There is no Evidence for Creation (MP4)

In this video, Thomas Bentley unpacks the worldview of Naturalistic Philosophy and discovers the rea..


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