Muslim Evangelism

In 2016, we began a new evangelistic outreach to faris and arabic speaking muslims. Led by Shahbaz B, our outreach will consist of websites in those respective languages, videos in farsi and programs on farsi-TV, and translations into arabic and farsi of Total Onslaught and our other material. The outreach to muslims is a pertinent need in today's times. Most muslims are not interested in war or bloodshed.  Law enforcement agencies estimate that the number of extremist fundamentalists in Muslim countries is about 6% of a given Muslim population. Muslims are not to be feared, but need to be ministered to. We need to pray and look for opportunities to reach out to these dear people and introduce them to our best Friend Jesus Christ, for "perfect love casteth out fear."

If you want to donate to this special project, please make a note in the note box with your donation allocation.