The history of the children of Israel, particularly the Exodus movement and conquest of Canaan, serves as a type for the remnant Church, which experiences a similar call out of Egypt and Babylon and then reenacts the experiences of the children of Israel. The lessons to be learned are faithfully recorded in the Old Testament for our admonition.

This typological study compares the experience of the ancient Israel of God with that of the Advent movement which calls a people out of the world into His great light.

Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2011
Series Name Total Transformation
Time Length 1:35 hours
Topic Christian Life

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Veith - 1003 : 1844 in Type and Antitype / Total Transformation (DVD)

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Veith : 1000 - Total Transformation (18 DVD Set)

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