The typology of heavenly bread in its physical and spiritual dimension serves as a lesson book for the children of God till the end of time. Rebellion against God’s precepts brought pain, misery, physical and; spiritual suffering. The same will apply to the antitype. This lecture compares God’s great end-time message as it is written into the lives of ancient Israel and eschatological prophets such as Daniel and John the Baptist which serve as typical Elijahs.

As God tried to lead the children of Israel back to a lifestyle emulating that of Eden, so God will do the same for antitypical Israel. As ancient Israel hungered for the fleshpots of Egypt, so antitypical Israel will hunger for the fleshpots of Egypt. As disobedience led to leanness of soul, so disobedience will lead to spiritual decline in antitypical Israel. God in His mercy has given this people more light on these subjects than any other previous generation.

Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2011
Series Name Total Transformation
Time Length 1:35 hours
Topic Christian Life

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Veith - 1006 : Nothing But this Manna / Total Transformation (DVD)

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Veith : 1000 - Total Transformation (18 DVD Set)

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