As Christians, we experience a lot of controversy and debate. Most people in the world are completely unaware of what we stand for, and what our beliefs actually mean. In order to effectively spread the Gospel, we must be sure and steady in our own convictions. Do we know our own stance on the evolution versus creation debate? Do we know the history of the Reformers and the significance of the Reformation? Do we truly understand the Ten Commandments and what they each mean for us today?

There are many aspects to our faith, and we must know them inside and out. We can read and talk about history, but it is the modern application of faith and the current events that really interest people. In this series with Walter Veith we will cover a wide range of Christian topics that all affect us today. We will see what events in history has shaped the events of today and witness prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Where do we stand in the stream of time and are we prepared for what comes next?

This set includes:

D251: Creation Restored D252: Protestants, Prophecy, and the Papacy D253: Twisting the Ten Commandments D254: Two Allies, the Beast and Its Image D255: Charismatic Renewal D256: The Coming Kingdom D257: History's Endgame D258: The Final Elijah

Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Set
Language English
Number of DVDs 8
Release Date 2016
Series Name In the Stream of Time
Time Length
Topic Bible Doctrine
Topic Bible Prophecy
Topic Christian Life
Topic Current Events
Topic Reformation
Topic Sabbath

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Veith - 250: In the Stream of Time (8 DVD Set)

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