It has been many years since the Reformation started, and after all this time, do we still hold true to what the Reformers stood for? This lecture featuring Walter Veith will look at the history of the Reformation and investigate the positives and negatives behind this monumental movement. What is Protestantism? Can it be defined simply or are there good and bad connotations to this word? Over time many Christians have forgotten what it means to be a Christ-follower, and have forgotten the Protest that comes along with being a Protestant.

In order to restart our hearts, we must dive into the history of the Reformers. Who were the key Reformers? What major changes did they inspire? During the Reformation we rediscovered Christ and also learned the identity of the antichrist. This knowledge would forever change the future of Christianity. What did these original Reformers believe in, and why? If they were so rooted in pure truth, why have we changed? The Gospel hasn’t changed, the Bible hasn’t changed, but somehow through time people have changed with the times. It is vital to return to the twin pillars of the Reformation and to stand for Christ.

Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2016
Series Name In the Stream of Time
Time Length 76 minutes
Topic Bible Doctrine
Topic Bible Prophecy
Topic Christian Life
Topic Current Events
Topic Reformation
Topic Sabbath

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Veith - 252: Prophecy, Protestants, and the Papacy (DVD)

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Veith - 250: In the Stream of Time (8 DVD Set)

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