There is a law in this world, and for the most part people follow them. We cannot steal, slander, or murder without consequence. There are systems in place to punish people who break our worldly laws. However, there is a higher law, God’s law, that is often ignored or deemed unimportant. Is God’s law binding? Are we still under the law? Is there a bigger issue behind following God’s law, beyond just blindly behaving?

This lecture with Walter Veith will prove how God’s law still matters, and how modern day religious leaders have used blasphemous power to change times and laws. We will go into history and learn about the Catholic catechism that has altered what we know as the pure Bible. They have indeed twisted the ten commandments, and there are major consequences to breaking God’s Word.

Author Veith, Walter
DVD Type Single
Language English
Number of DVDs 1
Release Date 2016
Series Name In the Stream of Time
Time Length 94 minutes
Topic Bible Doctrine
Topic Bible Prophecy
Topic Christian Life
Topic Reformation
Topic Sabbath

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Veith - 253: Twisting the Ten Commandments (DVD)

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Veith - 250: In the Stream of Time (8 DVD Set)

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